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Image by Nicholas Selman

Experience the Swedish countryside on nature's terms

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Nature and Eco tourism

Nature- and ecotourism is, in short, experiences in nature and culture. It is carried out with care and with the least possible strain on the natural and cultural values ​​of the destination. The intention is to preserve the biological diversity and the cultural values ​​that our guests have come to experience. Nature tourism is a strong driving force in Swedish rural development, and in many places nature tourism is what brings together the energy that ensures that services are maintained and developed in sparsely populated areas.

With a strong and sustainable hospitality industry, we build a strong network economy that increases the viability of small-scale entrepreneurship.

We want our guests to experience the same feeling my grandmother had when she walked down the path. See the richness of nature in all its simplicity. To use nature's resources with respect and find happiness with mother nature in the simplicity of life.

We do not waste resources and invest back in nature with the aim of bringing people and nature closer together in an ecological environment.

We nurture and protect our environment when we use nature. We invite our guests to respect and learn from the way our elders lived. We invest in being able to convey our local history and share our local knowledge and facts about culture and nature.

We use sustainable materials and products such as Glamping tents made of special organic canvas, which do not harm nature after use, and beds that are both economically beneficial and circular/environmentally friendly with a longer lifespan than ordinary beds where we can replace only specific modules if necessary.

We work actively with ecotourism and contribute to nature conservation and protect culture, have local roots and benefit the local economy. As far as we can, we favor sustainable small-scale farming in the local area in order to raise the values ​​that exist locally for sustainable visits.

We show respect for people who live in the destination and create dignified encounters with the local population. The foundation is always based on respect for what nature and culture can withstand, and the aim is often to make available experiences that may be difficult for a visitor to take part in on their own.

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