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Booking policy

Booking rules 2024

Auktsjaur Country House can be booked via its own channels (own web and phone/email) where overnight stays, experience packages and group activities/conferences are offered.


The purchase/booking becomes binding as soon as it is confirmed orally or in writing by us. These terms and conditions apply from that moment regardless of whether you have paid for the arrangement in full, in part or not at all. If our products are booked through channels other than directly via Auktsjaur Country House, other booking or payment conditions may apply.


Booking rules for companies and organisations

25% of the sum (booking fee) is usually invoiced at the time of booking, the remainder is invoiced for final payment within 10 days of the stay. Cancellation no later than 30 days before the stay results in a refund of the booking fee.


Booking rules for private individuals

Private individuals are invoiced/pay when booking.


Fees for cancellation

Cancellation or rebooking up to 7 days before arrival can be done completely free of charge. ​

From 7 days to 2 days before arrival 50% of the total amount.

From 1 day to 0 days before arrival 100% of the total amount.


Cancellation due to acute illness

In case of cancellation due to acute illness, accident or death affecting hotel guests or a close relative, the entire amount will be refunded. This must be proven with a medical certificate which must be available to us no later than 10 days after cancellation.


Insurance and personal security

Auktsjaur Country House has standard company and liability insurance. As a guest, it is your responsibility to follow the safety instructions on site.

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